Why quality beats quantity if you want free followers on Instagram

News 09:04 April 2024:

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Some people still do things the old way even on instagram. They work hard instead of working smart. By working hard on instagram, we mean spending hours on the social media platform posting endless pictures of yourself and other items hoping that they will attract the attention of people who may then follow them. This rarely works and people who do it often experience more of their few followers unfollowing them. And the reason is simple. People want to see more of quality images on their phones rather than endless but boring pictures that do nothing but consume their Internet bundles.

Posting a picture or two of you having a meal is not bad, but posting five or more food related pictures can have negative effects from your free followers. Instead, learn to post pictures that are unique or pictures that show a side of you that few know about. In most cases, unique pictures attract more free likes and more likes often results to more people following. Finally, you can hold a contest with your followers and see who gets the most number of likes. From the contest, more people are likely to notice you and finally accept to follow you.